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Continuous Recovery
Restore a systems at any time from a standby virtual server that stays continuously up to date.
Data Archiving
Archive data and records for as long as you need them.
File Versioning
We keep a minimum number of five file versions to retain.
Security-Focused Storage
All data is encrypted and housed in either ISO-certified or SSAE-compliant data centers.
Bare Metal Recovery
Recover full system from bare metal using a bootable USB drive.
Faster Backups and Restores
Optimize your backups and restores and reduce backup windows with True Delta technology.
Hybrid Cloud Recovery
Go beyond standard cloud backup solutions with a hybrid cloud architecture that provides increased speed and redundancy.
Virtual Disaster Recovery
If bare metal recovery’s impossible, we can easily recover to a virtual machine.
Virtual Machine Backups
Keep both VMware and Hyper-V virtual systems ready to go at a moment’s notice.


Pricing based on Usage. Start Today.

Every platform, every application

Backup at file, application or machine level

PCWizrd Backup seamlessly integrates with today’s most popular operating systems and applications to provide you the flexibility to backup as little as one file, a specific application (such as Exchange), an entire Windows server, VMware or Hyper-V images and data, or anything in between. 

Backup accelerator

Big file backup, little file performance

Increase the speed of backups containing large files, applications and databases by automatically tracking changes to those files in between backup jobs. This keeps backup windows short and improves backup performance.


Deep de-duplication, altered data tracking and WAN

Optimized backup so you can keep working

PCWizrd Backup ensures the smallest, fastest, most intelligent backups possible by using Deep Deduplication, Altered Data Tracking and WAN Optimization technologies. Backups complete as quickly as possible - without impacting your Internet connection or your business.


Local Backup Storage

Always protected, even without a connection

No Internet would normally mean no backup. With PCWizrd Backup’s Hybrid-Cloud backups, local storage provides a redundant backup repository so you and your customers can rest assured their backup schedule is functional and their data is always being backed up - even in the event of an Internet outage.




Pricing based on Usage. Start Today.

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