May 23, 2016

Helpdesk and Service Desk Services

Give your employees the help and support they need to work effectively with technology

Help DeskHelping employees use technology to its fullest potential is critical to your organization’s success. Computer problems cause lost productivity, lower profits, reduced growth, and lower employee satisfaction. Organizations need effective, real-time technical support to keep pace with employee’s increasing reliance on technology. If employees can’t use their computers, they can’t get their jobs done, and that lost productivity hits you straight in the bottom line.

Whether you have 1 employee in a single office, or thousands of employees across several locations, PCWizrd offers scalable help desk solutions to fit your needs, culture, and budget. Our cost-effective, customer-centered service desk solution frees your existing IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives while delivering the IT support your users need to do their jobs.

Our Service Desk Support Solutions Include:

  • Support team based in Atlantic & Western Canada
  • Technical support for standard end-user systems, as well as your custom applications
  • Live answer and high first call resolution rates
  • On-site support if needed
  • Tools to identify and solve problems proactively
  • Measurable service levels customized for your needs