December 11, 2016


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Love these guys; up-to-date, fast and reliable. Not only the usual good stuff, but they add that extra effort. All my questions are answered in a way a klutz and neophyte like myself can understand and learn from. Just tell ’em André sent you.

André Desjardins Ottawa, Ontario

I am one of those persons not known for her great ability or understanding of the mystery’s of the Computer being somewhat BBC; Born Before Computer! PCWizrd has made the transition from nut to nerd a pleasurable experience. Thank you PCWizrd.

Heron House Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

Cannot believe how much faster my computer loads up after a visit with @PCWizrd yesterday! Thanks!

Anita Kirkbride Halifax, Nova Scotia

Once again Scott from @pcwizrd comes to the rescue! Your services truly are amazing! Thanks a million!

KA Social Media Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

I called them at the last minute on a Saturday. Scott worked through a city wide black out and still managed to have it back to me on the same day and at a very reasonable price.
Very professional service. I was pleasantly surprised.

Emma Swinemar Halifax, Nova Scotia

Very happy with my Windows upgrade! Made things so much less stressful. Scott was professional, fast and easily answered all my questions. Thanks Scott 🙂

Dianna Major Dental Hygiene Clinic Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

Fast competent service.Scott explained in detail what repairs were required and delivered on time and on budget.

Catherine Lynds Halifax, Nova Scotia